1st Light

© 1983 Metronome Musik GmbH
Catalognr.: 813 224-1

Photographs by Eric Watson
Layout by Keith Breeden

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A1: Don't be Mistaken 7:17*
(Derek Green / Paul Hardcastle)
A2: Explain the Reasons 4:41**
(Derek Green / Paul Hardcastle)
Produced by Steve Levine for DO NOT Erase Prod.
A3: Daybreak 5:02**
(Paul Hardcastle)
A4: I don't care 4:30*
(Derek Green / Paul Hardcastle)
B1: A Horse with no Name 6:16*
(Dewey Bunnell)
Published by Warner Bros. Music
B2: A.M. 5:51*
(Paul Hardcastle)
B3: She's a Mystery 3:56*
(Derek Green / Paul Hardcastle)
B4: Time Machine 6:23*
(Derek Green / Mick 'Bones' Hammond / Paul Hardcastle /
Pete Quinton / Mick J. Ward / Robert 'Bob' Williams)

All Instruments: Paul Hardcastle
All Voices: Derek Green
Produced by First Light
Published by Oval Music Ltd.

* 1982 Oval Records Ltd
1983 London Recods

Note: "Horse with no Name" was originally performed by the Rockgroup 'America'.

Anmerkung: "Horse with no Name" wurde  ursprünglich von der Rockgruppe 'America' ausgefürt.