Can't Stop Now

© 1994 JVC Musical Industries, Inc.
Catalognr.: JVC-8004-1

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A1: Can't Stop Now (MK can't Stop the Mix) 7:42
A2: Can't Stop Now (MK can't Stop the Dub) 6:44
B1: Can't Stop Now (MK Rhythm Mix) 5:31
B2: Can't Stop Now (Original Version) 4:37
B3: Rainforest 4:19*
(Paul Hardcastle)

A1-B2 Written by Paul Hardcastle & Steve Menzies
A1-B2 Additional production and remix by Marc Kinchen
All tracks performed, mixed, produced & engineered by Paul Hardcastle
A1-B2 Published by Fast Forward Songs
*Published by Oval Music Ltd.

94 JVC Musical Industries, Inc.