Don't be Mistaken / A Hores with no Name

© 1982 Oval Records Ltd.
FLIGHT 22/12
United Kingdom
Cover Design by Eye Design

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A: Don't be Mistaken 7:17
(Derek Green, Paul Hardcastle)
Published by Oval Music Ltd.

B: A Horse with no Name 6:16
(Dewey Bunnell)
Published by Warner Bros. Music Ltd.

All Instruments: Paul Hardcastle
All Voices: Derek Green
All Tracks arrange and produced by First Light
Recorded by Mike Pela at Eel Pie Studios

 1982 Oval Records Ltd.

Note: "Horse with no Name" was originally performed by the Rockgroup 'America'.

Anmerkung: "Horse with no Name" wurde  ursprünglich von der Rockgruppe 'America' ausgefürt.