Disconet Program Serivce Volume 8 Program 9 Bonus Record

© 1986 Disconet

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A1: Paul Hardcastle - Don't waste My Time (Extended Edit) 7:12
(Paul Hardcastle)
Edit by Raul
 1986 Chrysalis Records Inc.
A2: Linde Jo Rizzo - You're My First, You're My Last (Extended Edit) 6:42
(Elvine-Linda Jo Rizzo)
 1986 ZYX Records / Germany
B1: Janet Jackson - When I think of You (Extended Edit) 5:40
(James Harris III / Terry Lewis / Janet Jackson)
Mix by Tuta Aquino & Michael Watson
 1986 A & M Records
B2: Bernie Paul - Oh no no (Extended Edit) 6:30
(Bernd Vonficht / Charly Ricanek / Peter Bischoff-Fallenstein)
Mix by Robbie Leslie
 1981 Ariola / Germany

Side A - 13:54 / 104 BPM to 121 BPM
Side B - 12:13 / 116 BPM to 118 BPM

Note: The Extended Edit is from the structure differently remixed. Otherwise there is no great diffecrence to the original Extended Version / Only use  for DJs

Anmerkung: Der Extended Edit wurde vom Aufbau her anders abgemischt. Ansonsten besteht kein großer Unterschied zu der Originalen Extended Version / Nur für DJ's