LW 5 - Get to know You

© 1985 Virgin Records
Catalognr.: 207 147

Photogrphy by Mike Owen

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A1: Taxi 4:16
(Ed Fletcher A.K.A. Duke Bootee)
A2: Don't You pass Me by 4:43
(LW 5)
A3: Battle Song 3:30
(LW 5)
A4: She don't love You 5:16*
(LW 5)
A5: Get to know You 4:22
(LW 5)
B1: Kill or be Killed 4:02
(Ed Fletcher A.K.A. Duke Boote)
B2: Last Lie 4:25*
(LW 5)
B3: Work it Out 5:48
(LW 5)
B4: Sorry 4:12
(LW 5 and Peterson Constance)
B5: Ripe for the Picking 3:14
(LW 5)

Produced by Paul Hardcastle
A5 & B1 Produced by Peter Hammond for Dodgy Productions
Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

LW 5:
Sammy Jacobs: Bass Backing Vocals & Synths
Jeffrey Durrant: Percussion
Maria Bell: Vocals
Mark Murfitt: Yamaha DX 7, Rhodes, Grand Piano & Synths

Special Thanks to:
John Jamieson: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Gary O'Toole: Drums
*Theo Thunder: Drums
Drum Machine & Computer Programming by LW 5

 1985 Virgin Records Ltd.