Phil Lynott - Nineteen
© 1985 Polydor International GmbH
Catalognr.: POSPX 777 United Kingdom
Catalognr.: 888 571-7 Germany
Artwork & Sleeve Design by Andie Airfiy & Satori

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A: Nineteen 5:29
Produced by Paul Hardcastle
Published by Chappell Music Ltd.
Phil Lynott:
B1: Nineteen (Dub Mix) 5:27
Produced by Paul Hardcastle
Published by Chappell Music Ltd.
Thin Lizzy:

B2: A Night in the Life of an Old Blues Singer 4:56*°
Produced by Will Reid Dick and Philip Lynott
Published by Pippin the friendly Ranger Music Co. Ltd. 

All Track written by Philip Lynott
Guitar on Nineteen by Robin Geroge
Keyboards on Nineteen by Paul Hardcastle

 1985 Polydor International (GmbH)
* 1985 Phonogram Ltd. (London)
Original sound recording made by Polydor International (GmbH)
°Original sound recording made by Phonogram Ltd. (London)

Note: Includes some samples from Paul Hardcastle's '19'.

Anmerkung: Enthält wenige Samples von Paul Hardcastle's '19'.

You want it rough , you got it rough
you want it tough , you got it tough
you want it mean , well I'm mean
I'm bad - ninteen..

You wanna dance , well no chance
you wanna go go , go slow
you like it lean , mean machine
I'm bad - Nineteen..

Well you wanna go on and try , sometimes it slips away
you gotta move on and try
well I know that you know that I know, and I know

You wanna dance
Well no chance
You wanna go go go go go go go slow
You wanna screeeeeeeeeam
Well I'm a screamin' machine
I'm Bad - Nineteen

Hey , You want the power , oh ,the power
Power , oh , the power of your
soul alive

watch it , watch it ,watch it ,watch it
watch you power ,drop watch ya power drive
I'm gone, I'm gone , I'm gone, I'm gone away- yeah

Kick it , kick it , kick it , kick it , kick it
One more time for the world

I'm bad , I'm bad
ow-power bled ,power bled ,power bled
Power bled my soul alive
and I'm nineteen
you bad yo, you bad yo
you ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba go
!@#$%^&*&%^$#*)%!@#$%(&(%&*!@#-I'm bad

I'm bad and I ain't even dead!

© Lyrics by Phillip Lynott