No Winners

© 1988 Chrysalis Records Ltd.
CDL1549 United Kingdom
Catalognr.: 209 009 Germany
Cover-Photo of Maxine Hardcastle by Adrian Boot
Military Pictures by TRH Pictures

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A1: The Earth from Space · Ground Zero · No Winners · 40 Years · 
August 6th 1945
· Silo Killers · Lucky so far · Star Wars · Now  31:05
(Paul Hardcastle)

B1: Walk in the Night 5:09*
(Johnny Bristol / Marylin McLeod)
Saxophone: Gary Barnacle
B2: On the Run 3:45
(Paul Hardcastle)

B3: The Wizard (Jazz Mix) 4:24
(Paul Hardcastle)

B4: The Last Jam 5:02
(Paul Hardcastle)

B5: Lost Summer 4:03
(Paul Hardcastle)

B6: Voices from the World 2:05
(Paul Hardcastle)

Backing Vocals: Kevin Henry / Sylvia and Vicky James & Helen Rogers.
Cutting Engineer: Tim Young
All Tracks produced by Paul Hardcastle
Published by Copyright Control
*Published by Jobete Music (UK) Ltd.

 1988 Chrysalis Records Ltd.

Note: The 9 tracks on side A are mixed into one continuous track.

Anmerkung: Die 9 Tracks auf Seite A sind zu einem durchgehenden Track gemixt.