Rain Forest

© 1985 Profile Records, Inc.
Catalognr.: PRO-1260

Sleevedesign by Billy Russel
Photo compiled and composed by Mike Emmett
Art Direction by Dick Smith

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A1: Rain Forest (Remix) 5:42
A2: King Tut 4:38
A3: Panic 4:29
A4: Forest Fire  7:30
B1: Loitering with Intent 4:10
B2: A.M. 5:14
B3: Sound Chaser 5:48
B4: Rain Forest (Original Mix) 5:12

All Tracks written and produced by Paul Hardcastle for P.H. Productions
Published by Oval Music, Ltd. / P.R.S.

1985 Bluebird Records (London)
Manufactured and distributed by Profile Records, Inc.

Note: The song Panic was fading out near the end. On the split album 'Zero One' is it complete including. Therefor beginns the track Forest Fire with a 13 second long intro.

Anmerkung: Der Song Panic wurde gegen Ende früh ausgeblendet. Auf dem Split-Album 'Zero One' ist er komplett enthalten. Dafür fängt der Track Forest Fire mit einem 13 Sekunden langem Intro an.