Michael Z - Rain Forest

© 1984 SSS International

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A: Rain Forest 5:25
(Paul Hardcastle)
Produced by Bill Self and Tom Wild
Published by Oval Music Ltd.
B: Re-In-Forcement 5:21
(Michael Z and Tom Wild)
Produced by Tom Wild
Arranged by Tom Wild and Michael Z
Published by Shelby Singelton Music Inc. (BMI) 

Executive Producer Shelby S. Singelton, Jr.
Engineering by David Roys

 1984 The Shelby Singleton Enterprise, Inc.

Note: Cover Version

Anmerkung: Cover Version

Rain Forest Dub

© 1985 Intercontinental Interface
Catalognr.: ININ 001

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A: Rainforest Dub 7:42
B1: Rainforest (Sax Mix) 6:20
B2: Rainforest (Vocal) 6:20

Original composed by Paul Hardcastle
Saxophone: Jim Thompson
Vocals: Ralph Richards
Background Vocals: Charles & Karie
Synth: Charles Lamont
Song Text: California Jones
Published by Oval Music Ltd.

 1985 Intercontinental Interface

Note: Cover and Remix / Very rare.

Anmerkung: Cover and Remix / Sehr selten.

Opus 10 - Loves Calling

© 1985 Rush Records / Pandisc
Catalognr.: PR 12016

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A1: Loves Calling 4:00
A2: Loves Calling (Vocal Rap) 3:58
B: Loves Calling (Instrumental Dub)

Written and produced by John St. John
Remixed and edited by Mark "The Knife" Richmond

 1985 Pandisc
Marked and Distributed by Rush Records GmbH

Note: Sounds similar to Hardcastle's Rain Forest.

Anmerkung: Klingt ähnlich wie Hardcastle's Rain Forest.