When the Wind blows
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

© 1986 Virgin Records
Catalognr.: 208 042 Germany
Catalognr.: 0777 7 86706 2 9 United Kingdom
Front Cover Illustrations - © 1986 Meltdown Ltd.
Photomontage - Courtesy of Peter Kennard
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A1: David Bowie - When the Wind Blows 3:15
Written by David Bowie & Erdal Kizilcay
 Produced by David Bowie & David Ridchards
Published by Jones Music
 A2: Hugh Cornwell - Facts and Figures 4:16
 Written by Hugh Cornwell
 Produced by Ian Ritchie & Hugh Cornwell for Sono Labs Ltd.
 Vocals & Guitars by Hugh Cornwell
 Keyboards by Jools Holland
 Drums by Graham Broad
Published by CBS Songs / Pollyanna Music and Film Co. Ltd.
 A3: Genesis - The Brazilian 4:49
 Written by Anthony Banks / Phil Collins / Michael Rutherford
 Produced by Genesis & Padgham
 Engineered by Hugh Padgham
Published by Anthony Banks Ltd. / Philip Collins Ltd. / Michael Rutherford Ltd. / 
Hit and Run Music (Publishing) Ltd.
 A4: Squeeze - What have they done 3:35
 Written by Chris Difford & Glenn Tilbrook
 Co-Produced by Glenn Tilbrook & Pete Hammond (Pete Hammond for Dogdy Productions)
 Vocals by Glenn Tilbrook & Chris Difford 
 Horn Arranger, Guitar & Keyboards by Glenn Tilbrook
 Drum by Gilson Lavis
 Bass Guitar by Keith Wilkinson
 Horns by TKO Horns Section
Published by Virgin Music (Publishiers) Ltd.
 A5: Paul Hardcastle - The Shuffle 4:13
 Written, Produced & Engineered by Paul Hardcastle
Published by Oval Music Ltd. / Pollyanna Music and Film Co. Ltd.
 B: Roger Water and the Bleeding Heart Band
The Russians Missile / Towers of Faith / Hilda's Dream / The American Bomber / The Anderson Shelter / The British Submarine /
The Attack / The Fallout / Hilda's Hair / Folded Flags 24:08
 Written & Produced by Roger Waters
 Co-Produced & Engineered by by Nick Griffiths
 Assistans Engineering by Colin Lyon
 Keyboards by Matt Irving & Nich Glenn Smith
 Electric Guitar by Jay Stapley
 Linn Programming by John Linwood
 Drum by Freddi KRC
 Saxophone by Mel Collins
 Bass by John Gordon
 Vocals by Claire Torry
 Guest Volcals on Folded Flags by Paul Carrack
 Actor on Russian Soldiers - James Russell
 Actors on British Submarines - David Dundas & Matt Irving
Published by Roger Water Music Publishing (UK) ( Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.

 Taken from the Film of Raymond Briggs 'When the Wind blows'
 The Voice of Hilda by Peggy Ashcroft & the Voice of Jim by John Mills
 Film Score by Roger Waters
 Tiltle Song by David Bowie
 Executive Producer - Iain Harvey
 Producer - John Coates
 Director - Jimmy T. Murakami
 Additional Music by Genesis, Paul Hardcastle, Squeeze & Hugh Cornwell
 Music Supervisor - Ray Williams

 1986 Virgin Records Ltd.
Distributed by Virgin Schallplatten GmbH

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