You had it all

© 19?? Sgt Peppers / Premiere U.K.
Catalognr.: SGT 122
United Kingdom

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A: You had it all 5:33
Vocals: Kevin Henry
B: You had it all (Instrumental) 5:33

All Tracks written and produced by Paul Hardcastle

Note: On the inner from the record, was pressed the cat. number, from the Label "Sgt Peppers", SGT 122 / Paul Hardcastle and Kevin Henry are not written in the credits / 
 Durations are not indicated / Release year is unknown /
White Label Promo.

Anmerkung: Auf dem Platteninneren wurde die Label-Nummer, vom Label "Sgt Peppers", SGT 122  gepresset / Paul Hardcastle und Kevin Henry stehen nicht in den Quellangaben / Zeitangaben sind nicht angegeben / Erscheinungsjahr ist unbekannt / White Label Promo.